Nerve Parasite Entertainment

‘Lo and Behold! Paul Has Returned!

Marvel at the wonders before ye, mortal! For thus begins a time of greatness!

This, as some folk may know, is not the first Nerve Parasite to exist. In fact, my first attempt to build the site was about a year ago. But, that excursion fell apart fantastically and I dissipated from the inter-webs for a good long while.


But rejoice! For I have returned!

For now. Let’s see how things work out this time, hmm?


Anyways, this is where I’ll be updating my comics Blood and Smoke and The Misadventures of Ahbah from now on. Both of which will, soon, be ending their extremely long hiatuses and begin updating again (although rather infrequently, I must add). Meanwhile, I’ll be doubling my efforts to get both books to print.

Oh, and I’ll be doing the occasional comic review on this site’s blog. I’ve missed doing those and I certainly haven’t stopped reading while I’ve been away, so their’s quite a few books I would like to yap about.


Also, there’s a secret project or two I have in mind. Keep a look-out for those.

Anyway, ta-ta for now.